Our Story

Our roots can be traced back to 1998 when our brick-and-mortar location first opened its doors on Fullerton and Kostner. Fast forward to October 2022, we are proud to introduce our ghost kitchen branch, designed to bring the authentic flavors of Puerto Rico straight to your doorstep.

The story of Ponce Kitchen Sabor is deeply rooted in family and tradition. Our founder, Yolanda, who grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico, brought the authentic flavors of her homeland to Chicago, creating a legacy of delicious and genuine Puerto Rican cuisine. Her love for the island's flavors and her commitment to sharing them with others lives on through Ponce Kitchen.

In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

At Ponce Kitchen Sabor, our menu is a celebration of classic Puerto Rican dishes crafted with fresh ingredients, passion, and a touch of love. We embrace the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Rico and are dedicated to bringing the authentic flavors of the Caribbean to the people of Chicago. Our dishes are steeped in tradition, featuring the enticing aromas and bold flavors that define Puerto Rican cuisine.

The heart of our culinary approach lies in our homemade sofrito, a fragrant blend of herbs and spices that serves as the foundation for many of our dishes. The enticing aroma of our sofrito, combined with the robust flavors of adobo and sazón, creates a symphony of taste that transports you straight to the sunny shores of Puerto Rico.

Here in our kitchen, we take pride in our culinary heritage and strive to deliver an exceptional dining experience that showcases the rich and diverse flavors of Puerto Rico. We believe that good food should be accessible to everyone and strive to bring a taste of the Caribbean to the people of Chicago. Join us on this flavorful journey, and let Ponce Kitchen Sabor bring the taste of Puerto Rico right to your table.